Closure Strips & End Caps

Unistrut Closure Strips & End Caps are used to close off openings on your channel. They provide protection from the build up of dust and debris inside your channel while also providing a visually appealing, finsihed look.

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  1. Unistrut P2859 Series Channel Frame Caps, Various Colors
  2. Unistrut P2860 Series Plastic End Cap for 1-5/8" Strut
  3. Unistrut P1280 EG End Cap for P1000 Channel - P1280-EG
  4. Unistrut P2407 Metal End Cap, Electro-Galvanized - P2407-EG
  5. Unistrut P3280 Metal End Cap fro P3000 Channel, Electro-Galv - P3280-EG
  6. Unistrut P3380 Metal End Cap for P3300 Channel, Electro-Galv - P3380-EG
  7. Unistrut P3184P Plastic Closure Strip for 1-5/8" Channel
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