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Unistrut pipe clamps are available in a variety of styles: two-hole pipe straps, two-piece pipe clamps for use in 1-5/8" Unistrut channel, cushioned pipe clamps, uncushioned pipe clamps, u-bolt and more. Uni strut pipe clamps and conduit clamps cover a range of applications from mechanical and electrical to plumbing and gas. We sell nominal sizes, outside diameters (O.D.), International Pipe Sizes (IPL), Pipe Schedules (schedule 40 & schedule 80 pipe clamps), Copper Tubing Sizes, and more.

For complete references and conversions, please download the Unistrut General Engineering Catalog.

Unistrut is a registered trademark or trademark of Unistrut Corporation and/or its affiliates in the United States and/or other countries.

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  1. Unistrut P1109 thru P1126 Pipe Clamp for Rigid Steel Conduit
  2. Unistrut P1425 thru P1431 Thin Wall Conduit Clamps (EMT)
  3. Unistrut P1211 thru P1217 Universal Conduit Clamp
  4. Unistrut P1563 thru P1573 Parallel Pipe Clamps, Electro-Galv
  5. Unistrut P2008 thru P2020 One Hole OD Tubing Clamps, EG
  6. Unistrut P2024 thru P2070 Pipe Clamps for OD Tubing, EG
  7. Unistrut P2558-5 thru P2558-60 Single Piece Pipe Strap
  8. Unistrut P7008 through P7020 Tubing Clip, Electro-Galvanized
  9. Unistrut P8200 Series Malleable Split Ring Pipe Hanger
  10. Unistrut P8400 Series Standard Clevis Hanger
  11. Unistrut P8500 Series Standard Riser Clamp
  12. Unistrut P8700 Series Copper Tube Strut Clamp
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